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Website v. Web Presence

The evolution of the internet didn't stop with Web 2.0. Nor did it stop with the "social media revolution". It's ongoing, and keeping pace with your corporate website is no longer enough. Modern consumers aren't looking for great websites, they're demanding a web-presence.

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Everything You Need to Know about Structured Data in 1200(ish) Words.

Structured data is all the rage over at Google. Most of you have undoubtedly seen the enhanced search listings Google recently rolled out; the ones with associated pictures, sub-links, rating stars and other goodies. While Google may not rule the world just yet, whenever they care about something, website owners would do well to pay attention too. Fortunately, structured data, and the upgraded search results the new techniques make possible, aren't all that difficult to implement.

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Creativity Is a Labor of…

Artists are revered for their ability to create magic; to turn the ordinary into the sensational. This is a talent that most people write off as out of reach. But underneath the magic of art, there is a very real, and surprisingly concrete, process; one which involves a lot of hard work, and a certain willingness cut out the stuff that isn't working...

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Lessons from Continuous Deployment

Continuous software deployment allows you to put your product to market in record time without forcing you to make a choice between quality and speed. As the technique is further improved by industry heavyweights like networking company LinkedIn, reasons for sticking with older development models are dwindling.

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Navigating the Web: Good Site Design Depends on Content Architecture

Bounce rates for many types of content are punishingly high with devastating business consequences. While great content will help to retain your visitors, integrating an elegant navigational plan into your site design is critical to effective content presentation. However, great site navigation involves much more than simply creating a path to your content. A new approach to site specific searches provides one element of an intelligent and efficient content architecture for your site.

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1000 words in a picture

As the web and the way we search it continue to evolve, the creative use of images is changing the importance of visual content in search engine rankings. Learn how to SEO optimize your images to keep your site user friendly and search engine relevant; even if pictures aren’t your primary product.

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The Rise of Responsive Design: Getting It Right

Responsive design is here to stay, and for good reason. The technology offers a ton of new options for generating really great user experiences, but these options come at a price. While all of web design depends on quality engineering, responsive design is especially sensitive. Get it wrong, and you can break a whole web presence.

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9 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire THAT Web Guy

1. He Calls Himself a “Webmaster” Any web guy that calls himself a “webmaster” probably isn’t a master of anything. The term “webmaster” has become a translation for the word “amateur.” The web has diversified into so many different realms that webmaster is no longer meaningful (was it ever though?) 2. He’s a FrontPage Expert Any…

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Website v. Web Presence

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