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Who Needs Net Neutrality Anyway?

Net neutrality has been in the news a lot. This is because a Federal Court recently destroyed the legal underpinnings that make the internet what it is today. There is a lot of argument from both sides of the debate about the best way forward. Here’s what you need to know...

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Email Marketing Part III: Understanding, and Measuring, Exit Points

In this segment we show you how to measure and improve the open rates of your marketing emails using the hard data generated by your previous campaigns. Learn what affects you open rate, click-through rate, and destination conversion results; and what you can do to drive up your numbers.

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Everything You Need to Know about Structured Data in 1200(ish) Words.

Structured data is all the rage over at Google. Most of you have undoubtedly seen the enhanced search listings Google recently rolled out; the ones with associated pictures, sub-links, rating stars and other goodies. While Google may not rule the world just yet, whenever they care about something, website owners would do well to pay attention too. Fortunately, structured data, and the upgraded search results the new techniques make possible, aren't all that difficult to implement.

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Gov. Brown Says “It’s Time to Update Your Privacy Statement”

Last month California enacted major changes to its website privacy laws. Many of these new regulations go into effect in only a couple of months and you don’t want to be caught out of compliance. Here is what you need to know to update your privacy statement today.

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ObamaCare Brings HIPAA Front and Center

With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act upon us, it's a good time to take that overdue second look at your company's HIPAA practices. Are you up to code? The penalties for non-compliance can be steep. Here's what you need to know to get started.

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Are You Faking It?

End-user product reviews are a great way to get detailed information about an item before you buy. For retailers, they’re a great way to develop a positive brand imaged and produce effective word-of-mouth marketing. But are those reviews all real? New research says no, and you might be surprised at who’s actually writing some of them. How can you tell the difference? Read on to discover some helpful tips for separating the wheat from the chafe.

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A Balance or a Tax?

Over the last few years, the largely tax free field of online commerce has been the source of much political controversy. Recently, this controversy has coalesced into a string of Federal and State initiatives designed to “level the field” between brick-and-mortar retail establishments and online enterprises. We take a look at the current state of the debate from an e-commerce perspective.

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Shifting Paradigms: Privacy and Meaning in an Emerging Age

A closer look at the privacy habits of the youngest generation of internet users sheds light on the probable future of web privacy. In a world where expectations reign, privacy may not mean what you think.

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The Value of Advice

For anyone who runs a service-based business, billing for your time is probably one of the biggest challenges you face. Understanding the real worth of the time that you invest in a client project will help you to better calculate your value to clients, and will help your clients to better appreciate what it is they are paying you to do.

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Website Privacy in Focus

New legislation and changing consumer expectations demand an updated approach to website privacy policies. Old policies, written in legalize and buried in a tiny link at the bottom of the page, just don’t cut it anymore; legally or commercially. We’ve created a short list of guidelines which will help you bring your privacy policy up-to-date and turn it into a valuable marketing tool.

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