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The Cobblers Children

There is an endless stream of advice from consultants, professionals, and other business owners recommending that you turn your company’s particular skills inward once in a while to ensure that you are an example of your own product or service. While there is merit to these suggestions, it is sometimes okay to be the Cobbler whose children go without shoes. The devil is in the details.

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Aasun and Robb on the Board of Zootopia

Aasun and Robb are on the board of a national non-profit, Zootopia. Aasun is the Chairman of the Board and Robb is the Chief Financial Officer. Zootopia’s mission is to raise awareness, empower with knowledge and inspire actions that will restore balance for nature, the planet and all of its creatures. The goal is to reduce humanity’s overall biological footprint. Zootopia does…

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Ottenhoff Consulting’s Green Practices

Ottenhoff Consulting is committed to being a leader among small businesses choosing green and eco-friendly business practices. We take steps on various levels to accomplish this: Telecommuting: Our team members work primarily from home offices saving on fuel, pollution and traffic. Our servers and hosting environment are Energy Star- and/or low-power-consumption “green” servers We…

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Ottenhoff Consulting Has Incorporated

Starting January 1, 2009, Ottenhoff Consulting will become Ottenhoff Consulting, LLC. This is one of many steps that we are taking in formalizing and implementing our new strategic growth plan. This year Ottenhoff Consulting, LLC will be launching many new products and services, new pricing schemes and opportunities for partnership and a new focus on value-oriented solutions for small and…

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We Have a New Web site!

To ring in the New Year, Ottenhoff Consulting has launched our new web site.

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