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Microsoft Is Retiring Windows XP This Year

Windows XP goes into retirement next month, which means no more support, no more patches, and no more security updates. After a long, and profitable run, the Software giant is finally putting this titan of the PC out to pasture. But what does this mean for you...

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Password Strength and Quality: How to build, and use, a password that holds

We all use passwords, they're required. But some of you aren't taking them seriously, and as a result, you're basically leaving home with the front door not only unlocked but wide open with a "help yourself" sign taped to the gate. In other words, you need this article, even if you think you've already know what it has to say.

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What to Do After a Data Breach: Security Part III

For many companies, a data breach is a worst-case-scenario. Unfortunately, like motorcycle accidents, data breaches are usually a question of when, not if. Here’s an overview of what your company needs to know in the event your systems are compromised and how you can comply with new California notification regulations which go into effect next year.

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Software Security: Part Two

Last month we wrote about some ways to protect your data against unauthorized physical access. This month we're following up with basic good-practices to prevent similar software breaches.

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Physical Computer Security: Part One

The physical security of your data is often overlooked, and while you’re company isn’t likely to be hit by Tom Cruise in spy gear, you might be surprised at the number of simple ways a malicious person, a negligent employee, or even just a bad winter storm can cost you your valuable information. Here’s a short overview of what you need to know to lock down your digital assets.

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Microsoft Is Retiring Windows XP This Year

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Password Strength and Quality: How to build, and use, a password that holds



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